VERY IMPORTANT - make this passphrase unique! Do not let this passphrase be the same as one you have used anywhere else whether it's your banking, shopping or even your local library.

In the new system you MUST:

We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you also:

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Test Your Passphrase Minimum Requirements
  • Minimum 12 characters in length
  • Contains the following items:
    - One or more uppercase Letters
    - One or more lowercase Letters
    - One or more numbers
Too Short

Additions Type Rate Count Bonus
Number of Characters Flat +(n*4)
Uppercase Letters Cond/Incr +((len-n)*2)
Lowercase Letters Cond/Incr +((len-n)*2)
Numbers Cond +(n*4)
Symbols Flat +(n*6)
Middle Numbers or Symbols Flat +(n*2)
Requirements Flat +(n*2)
Letters Only Flat -n
Numbers Only Flat -n
Repeat Characters (Case Insensitive) Comp -
Consecutive Uppercase Letters Flat -(n*2)
Consecutive Lowercase Letters Flat -(n*2)
Consecutive Numbers Flat -(n*2)
Sequential Letters (3+) Flat -(n*3)
Sequential Numbers (3+) Flat -(n*3)
Sequential Symbols (3+) Flat -(n*3)
    Exceptional: Exceeds minimum standards. Additional bonuses are applied.
    Sufficient: Meets minimum standards. Additional bonuses are applied.
    Warning: Advisory against employing bad practices. Overall score is reduced.
    Failure: Does not meet the minimum standards. Overall score is reduced.